Book #1 of the Knowing Trilogy

Knowing Then

By Greg Sullivan

Knowing Then - Cover

Knowing Then is the story of a family ripped apart by a global event that has sent most of the world backward through time to the morning of August 7th, 1998. A pregnant alcoholic, a Marine sergeant battling with PTSD, and a single father struggling to raise his young daughter must all fight to survive the ensuing crisis and try to make the most of this unexpected second chance as war threatens to erupt from the chaos.

Greg Sullivan

Greg and Angela Sullivan

The inspiration for this work came from a conversation with my wife. She asked, ‘what would we do differently if we could do it all again?’ She meant she and I, but the question sent me down the path of considering the idea on a global scale. What would we, humanity, do differently if given the chance? And what wouldn’t we?

I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve spent with these characters and in this world, and I’ve been haunted by the questions this premise raises. It is my hope that you will have a similar experience.

Very sincerely,

Greg Sullivan

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About The Author

Greg Sullivan is an award-winning writer and graduate of the UCLA Screenwriting Program. His screenplay Erin’s Voice was featured on the prestigious Black List and was optioned by Academy Award nominated producer Robbie Brenner. Greg also works as a Creative Director and Producer of virtual reality experiences, animation for TV and film, and internet content.

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